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Want to post pictures and have chat history? Register, then login to #ldr20! Video dancefloor! Visit our virtual rave world!


We are a loose collective spread around the world, trying to make the best of these weird times!
That's why we are looking for people to help us from all over the world! Send us an email or ask in chat!

  • Creative commons licenced content only! See licence: Creative Commons License
  • Nothing is recorded! Be here or be lost ;)
  • All artists welcome! Music, art, visuals, poems, talkshows, ...!
  • All technicians welcome! Hosting, programming, VR worlds, ...!
  • All times in Central European Time (CET)

Push us some Bitcoin love to 136vFAQacTDbN8pQD315kHf6n3RFSvZP9g

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Building a virtual reality rave world together!

  • Minetest (free Minecraft clone)

    • Server:
    • Choose own User+Pass to login and register! Remember password!
    • Download: here
    • Addons (let us know what to install): here
    • Voice chat when building: here

Lockdown club no. 002

Soundsystem with 100vkW (virtual kilo watt)

Epic brutalist art! *lolz*

Raver fraggle to protect entry to rave cavern 01!